Quality Management System of MTE YAPI is constructed with minimum bureaucracy and documentation requirements, in order to take the right decisions, as fast as possible and bring them to life posthaste, a vital requirement in contemporary corporations. This management method is built on project based and process-driven management principles that are detailed below, and is successfully integrated into MTE YAPI's Quality Management System.

  • To correctly identify our customer's requirements now and in the future. To make an effort to meet those demands and requirements flawlessly and well beyond customer's expectations.
  • To create, protect and improve the work environment which every employee can participate in order to reach the common goals of MTE YAPI as a team.
  • To correctly channel employees talents in order to improve MTE YAPI's service quality, without forgetting our employees are the core of MTE YAPI.
  • To manage sources and actions as a single process to reach the goals effectively
  • To group related processes and define, understand and manage them as systems that contribute to MTE YAPI's overall effectiveness and productivity
  • To define constant improvement of MTE YAPI's general performance as an organizational goal.
  • To use up-to-date and verified data and analysis in every decision making process.
  • To create shared values by establishing mutually beneficial relations with our suppliers and business partners.