Topkapı City Park contains a very unique building by its architecture and content. A place where history connects with present day: Panoramical Museum. In this museum, conquest of Istanbul is depicted on a dome that is 22,97m high and has a diameter of 38,5m. Work of art is painted on dome with oil paint and is supported by 3D models.

Topkapı City Park

Topkapı City Park was completed by MTE Yapı and includes panoramic museum. The area selected and preferred for the construction of Panorama 1453 Museum of History is also meaningful because the museum rises on the area that used to be the Thrace Terminal in Topkapı and is situated inside Topkapı Culture Park today, a place that witness the initial points through which the soldiers entered in the city. From the point where the museum stands, one would see the city walls of Edirnekapı on the left hand side, and the city walls of Topkapı, that is, the gateway through which the soldiers of the Ottoman Empire entered the city for the first operation that renamed Konstantiniye as Islambol and finally as Istanbul, across to it, and the city walls of Silivrikapı on the right hand side. The young and the elder from 7 to 70 experience the phenomenon of the conquest in the most efficient manner at the museum, have the opportunity of examining these city walls in “three to five steps of distance”, breathing the air at the areas where quarters were set up, and also have recreation and relaxation inside Topkapı Culture Park where the museum is located.

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